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Criminal Justice Undergraduate Research Requirement

Students enrolled in CRJ 104 are required to complete a 2-credit research requirement. The research requirement may be fulfilled through participation in research studies, a research paper option, or a combination of the two.


Research Study Participation Option

Students may participate in research studies investigating Criminal Justice issues. These studies are conducted on campus and on-line. For each 30 minutes of research participation, students receive 1 credit. Consequently, a study that takes up to 30 minutes provides 1 credit. A study that takes between 30 and 60 minutes to complete provides 2 credits.

To sign-up to participate in research studies, you must register at this website.

If you sign up for a research study and can not make it, you must cancel your appointment at least 1 hour before the session. You can either cancel on-line, or by calling the research lab (the phone number will be sent to you in an email after you register). .


Research Paper Option

Students may also complete the research requirement by writing 2 research papers. Students who choose to do this must go to their CRJ 104 WebCampus site (available after the 3rd week of the semester) for each paper, select an article from a group of articles placed on reserve there. You will be required to read the article and answer several questions about it. The questions and specific paper guidelines are attached to each article. Papers must be turned in to the Criminal Justice office. Papers will be graded on a pass-fail basis. A passing paper will provide a student with 1 credit. Consequently, if you chose to exclusively fulfill your research requirement with this option, you will need to complete 2 papers. Only failing papers will be returned to students.

In order to receive credit for writing research papers, you must register at this website.


Failure to Complete Research Requirements

If you fail to complete the research requirement by getting 2 research credits, either through research participation or the paper option, you will receive an Incomplete in the course until such requirements are met.


Register to Participate in Research Studies or to Write Research Papers