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The Department of Criminal Justice encourages students to participate as volunteers in research studies.

Participation in research studies serves three major purposes:

  1. It helps you become acquainted, through personal experience, with research techniques used to study Criminal Justice topics discussed in your courses. In addition, it allows you to gain a better understanding of the theories used to study criminological and justice related issues.

  2. It provides both faculty and student researchers with useful information. This information may be presented at professional meetings or published in journals and books. This serves to advance the general body of knowledge in the field of Criminal Justice. By gaining a greater understanding of issues, more effective means of law enforcement, prosecution, trial procedures, punishment, and rehabilitation can be developed.

  3. It allows Criminal Justice professors to train both graduate and undergraduate students to conduct research studies. This is beneficial to graduate students who are completing their Master's Theses and for undergraduates who want to go on to graduate school.

All research studies run by the Department of Criminal Justice have been approved by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Office of Research Integrity - Human Subjects to assure that studies conform with University and Federal regulations and laws for research involving human subjects.

Your participation in research studies is completely voluntary and you are free to withdraw from a study at any time if you wish. If for any reason you do withdraw, you will still get credit for participating.

You must register in order to participate in a study.

If you chose not to volunteer to be in a study you also can complete your course requirements through a research paper option. However, if you choose to write research papers, you must still register at this website.

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